One 'L' of a Shine


Briliant metal polishes manufacture a superb and extensive range of metal polish. These metal polishing products are very easy to use and you can achieve amazing metal polishing results in the shortest possible time when you need to polish aluminium, chrome, nickel, titanium, brass, copper, stainless steel and all other metal surfaces.

  • Briliant metal polishes are VERY highly concentrated and VERY economical to use.
  • Our metal polishes and polishing kits have a shelf life in excess of ten years.
  • Briliant polishes are a wipe on wipe off formula, leaving no surface residue behind
  • All polishes contain micro cleaners to alleviate the need for constant re polishing.
  • Considered by museums, enhusiasts and professionals to be the finest range of metal polishes, car polishes and motorcycle cleaning products in the World today.


Aluminium Polish

Easy to apply polish with outstanding final shine

This polish enjoys a huge reputation for durability and a final shine to beat all corners, its easy to apply and covers a large area while removing ...

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Brass & Copper Polish

The recommended choice for steam vehicle brass & copper parts

Cleans, Polishes and Protects antique and period brass and copper. Prevents tarnishing by leaving a deposit of pH neutral wax, so the need to ...

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Car & Bike Polish

Add a protective wax to all paintwork and chrome on classic cars & motorcycles

Caranuba Car Wax Polish adds a deep wet look shine and provides a "metallic like" finish. Briliant Bike polish efficiently cleans Car, Motorcycle and ...

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Chrome Hot Environment

Provedes Heat Protection for Exhausts, Manifolds & Brass / Copper Pipes

Cleans polishes and protects all chrome, nickel, titanium and metal surfaces affected by heat and provides a beautiful shine on chrome, brass, copper ...

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Metal Polish & Restorer

Heavy Duty Polish, Prepare Metal Surfaces for the Next Stage of Polishing

NOW WITH EXTRA CUT. This is the best heavy duty metal polish for removing heavy tarnish, oxidization and light rust. Can be used on Chrome, Alloy, ...

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Zepplin Mirror Finish Polish

Zeppelin Polishes are high quality metal polishes designed to give you the highest quality shine on your surface of choice and the best thing is the more you polish the deeper the shine!

Available as both a Pre-Cleaner while being a fantastic polish in its own right set the groundwork for the Mirror Finish Polish to give the metal the ...

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